a wednesday post on thursday…

man, some days motherhood is just too fast. it’s a huge blur & at the end when those adorables are asleep in their crib i usually am a zombie but on some days i remember to step back a reflect. that is the main reason i am trying so hard to blog again. it’s the […]

2014 Beach Stay

Here are a few moments i hope to remember forever & a few thoughts from those i forgot to capture Joslin’s first five minuets on the beach went a little something like a little firecracker rocket darting up and down and back and forth the shore line dancing like a rock star and singing her every thought, it […]

jumping in

I’m not the type to slowly wade into a pool taking one step of cold in at a time, I’m more of the run and jump no regrets kind of gal so let’s jump in… Ok, so surprise everyone:  on occasion I’m a talker..talker when bored, talker when nervous (ask my first date), talker when […]