a wednesday post on thursday…


man, some days motherhood is just too fast. it’s a huge blur & at the end when those adorables are asleep in their crib i usually am a zombie but on some days i remember to step back a reflect. that is the main reason i am trying so hard to blog again. it’s the last thing i have time or energy for but a couple of months ago i went back and read a few of my old blog post of when Joslin was a tiny baby and my heart just melted & i remembered every detail. it’s my story my motherhood my memories, and i am so glad i wrote those thoughts down because after all i am a mother and everything that’s wrapped up in that. that word is so beautiful to me now.

i just wanted a shower today….if you don’t count the 4am roll call with a cute 5month old and i had a total of 14hrs of possible chances before my handsom husband arrived home but not once did i get to wash away the spit up or the “mom, what’s this” as she whipes something really gross on my shirt, or the “special birthday cake” Joslin had made out of flour/water/salt and noodles…

at the dinner table when Kevin asked Joslin “so, what did you do today?”.. (in my head the response is “nothing that i needed to get done, seriously i didn’t get anything done!!!!) when i hear Joslin spout of

“Daddie!! We played princess castle, we painted, we read, mommie chased!! We went round and round and round!!!! water, (gibberish) swords and butterflies, and made a special play “AIR-E-AH”

i needed it, and with every bit of my heart i know The Lord knew i needed it. in the world’s eyes i got nothing done to most, and on days like that it’s a total battle not to allow satan to whisper in my ear my job is not important but i was reminded…

castles are important
chasing is important
dress up is important
reading is important

the clothes will get washed tonight, the dishes are all put away now, dinner will taste better tomorrow (fingers crossed lol), and maybe i can get my shower early and actually have make up on tomorrow.

today however was definitely well spent, i made memories that will shape a human being!

BAM Happy Dance

I am a Mother, not always glamorous but always magical not always exciting but always warm


DSCF0302 DSCF0337 DSCF0330 DSCF0314 DSCF0307 DSCF0325


(memories i hope to remember about today: feeling Joslin’s two small arms wrap around my neck when i told her i needed a hug, hearing her refer to her sister as “her baby” Madeline’s whispers at 6am in my bed, it’s just our time. Her happy screams at the library, the way she flirted with Kevin as he came home, the way her feelings get completely hurt if she is ever not right with Joslin & i. Kevin’s prayers for me and the way he held my hand during church. How the Lord took a hard morning and turned it into the most beautiful moments of my day.)

listening to Bethany Dillon Hallelujah (acoustic version) and remembering everything that song meant to me last year.


One thought on “a wednesday post on thursday…

  1. What a beautiful blog post. Thank you so much, I love you and those girls! You are a beautiful amazing mother and nothing makes me happier than to hear you are just enjoying it and realizing the true, eternal importance in what you do. 🙂 motherhood … There could never be a pay check big enough,


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