jumping in

I’m not the type to slowly wade into a pool taking one step of cold in at a time, I’m more of the run and jump no regrets kind of gal so let’s jump in…

Ok, so surprise everyone:  on occasion I’m a talker..talker when bored, talker when nervous (ask my first date), talker when tired (ohhhh yes), and when happy. but sad, well the words just disappear, so no surprise that the last year and half I haven’t written a single thing except quiet questions to God, BUT what came out of that year is amazing, AHHHHH-MAZINGGGGG.

more on that later but for now the joy a simple splash pad can bring


DSCF0089 DSCF0097 DSCF0065

there is just something awesome about a simple 30min date working out where there is tons of giggles, good food, and relaxing moments. it’s hearing Joslin narrate in song her “amaz’n day” while dancing in the water, it’s watching Madeline Rose follow her sisters every move with a smile or giggle and it’s feeling your husband take your hand and whisper “this is nice”…it’s the things that are real, the moments you reflect on as you age and I am loving it. thank you splash pad you are simple but that Saturday you were not.


4 thoughts on “jumping in

      • Yes Alan took her back last week and she had a ball! We always use Sugah Cakes on Pine St(in the Home and Garden building beside Simple Simon) We’ve gotten a smash cake, cupcakes and cookies there the past 2 years. We are using Publix this year to save money lol! Their cupcakes are yummy though!


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