“the lord has blessed me” she said with a full heart

all below are thoughts from Joslin on a random normal Saturday. the beauty of the brain of a two year old who loves life. 

DSCF0250 DSCF0249

in a growing dramatic voice, that ended in a adorable angry playful voice that showed her humorI’m going to tell them all we ARE going to have a picnic and I’M GOING TO EAT IT ALLLL!! (who is them? and well how rude ha)

running in the kitchen holding my silk peonies flower: look mommie a bee cave!!!

after FINALLY getting a shower this week and actually makeup on when i walk in the den: I’m pretty like you mommie

as she picks up her macaroni shell at dinner:  *gasp* i can hear the ocean!

she awakens crying: daddie, there is a song in my head, it’s scary. (yes, we both died, so after some loving we decided to sing Jesus Loves me and kick whatever stupid song had her heart pounding, and all is well. THAT is Jesus!)

playing in her pool she bends over to get her hair wet: look everybody i’m a octapus!


man, that girl has my heart. this journey of motherhood started with her and then went to a whole other beauty with Madeline Rose. The Lord is good, the Lord has blessed me. I can’t admire her without seeing Jesus’ heart in making that mind that works so fast sometimes she sighs and pouts “I just can’t say it mommie” or those hands that LOVES to pick blackberries in our woods or throw rocks in the creek. He saw those moments and decided to give them to us! Joslin will always be our first and everything that means & Madeline Rose with always be my baby and everything that means. I fall in love with my two girls everyday but today was even harder because I feel in love with the details, the kind that you have to STOP and listen for, whether relationships, nature, your job, or life stop and look for the details and love just a little more. See Jesus in that beauty.



songs you should hear:

Phil Wickham : Sun & Moon

JJ Heller : I Dream of You


a wednesday post on thursday…


man, some days motherhood is just too fast. it’s a huge blur & at the end when those adorables are asleep in their crib i usually am a zombie but on some days i remember to step back a reflect. that is the main reason i am trying so hard to blog again. it’s the last thing i have time or energy for but a couple of months ago i went back and read a few of my old blog post of when Joslin was a tiny baby and my heart just melted & i remembered every detail. it’s my story my motherhood my memories, and i am so glad i wrote those thoughts down because after all i am a mother and everything that’s wrapped up in that. that word is so beautiful to me now.

i just wanted a shower today….if you don’t count the 4am roll call with a cute 5month old and i had a total of 14hrs of possible chances before my handsom husband arrived home but not once did i get to wash away the spit up or the “mom, what’s this” as she whipes something really gross on my shirt, or the “special birthday cake” Joslin had made out of flour/water/salt and noodles…

at the dinner table when Kevin asked Joslin “so, what did you do today?”.. (in my head the response is “nothing that i needed to get done, seriously i didn’t get anything done!!!!) when i hear Joslin spout of

“Daddie!! We played princess castle, we painted, we read, mommie chased!! We went round and round and round!!!! water, (gibberish) swords and butterflies, and made a special play “AIR-E-AH”

i needed it, and with every bit of my heart i know The Lord knew i needed it. in the world’s eyes i got nothing done to most, and on days like that it’s a total battle not to allow satan to whisper in my ear my job is not important but i was reminded…

castles are important
chasing is important
dress up is important
reading is important

the clothes will get washed tonight, the dishes are all put away now, dinner will taste better tomorrow (fingers crossed lol), and maybe i can get my shower early and actually have make up on tomorrow.

today however was definitely well spent, i made memories that will shape a human being!

BAM Happy Dance

I am a Mother, not always glamorous but always magical not always exciting but always warm


DSCF0302 DSCF0337 DSCF0330 DSCF0314 DSCF0307 DSCF0325


(memories i hope to remember about today: feeling Joslin’s two small arms wrap around my neck when i told her i needed a hug, hearing her refer to her sister as “her baby” Madeline’s whispers at 6am in my bed, it’s just our time. Her happy screams at the library, the way she flirted with Kevin as he came home, the way her feelings get completely hurt if she is ever not right with Joslin & i. Kevin’s prayers for me and the way he held my hand during church. How the Lord took a hard morning and turned it into the most beautiful moments of my day.)

listening to Bethany Dillon Hallelujah (acoustic version) and remembering everything that song meant to me last year.

2014 Beach Stay


Here are a few moments i hope to remember forever & a few thoughts from those i forgot to capture

DSCF0136 DSCF0139 DSCF0191 daughters
Joslin’s first five minuets on the beach went a little something like a little firecracker rocket darting up and down and back and forth the shore line dancing like a rock star and singing her every thought, it was honest and pure and SOOO excited. God created so many masterpieces and that girl does not hide her enthusiasm

5am is quiet on vacation, with babies you play hard & you sleep harder so the only sound was the steady hum of the fans in each room, with a single lamp and low glow Madeline Rose and I spent those mornings waiting for the sun to rise. “Waiting” as in the best snuggles on this earth, quiet giggles. It’s as if she knew it was just us and it was  because her giggles were quiet and reserved like time was just for her and I. i loved it is a understatement

hold DSCF0213 DSCF0141


beach you were rocking this year, we will be returning shortly for some more amazing/relaxing/full of fun days!!! Also can you work on the whole weight gain thing…every year i say i’m coming to you and going to excerise while there….i ran once….while making three doughnut/ice cream &cannoli runs….seriously not cool beach, not cool. 😛


jumping in

I’m not the type to slowly wade into a pool taking one step of cold in at a time, I’m more of the run and jump no regrets kind of gal so let’s jump in…

Ok, so surprise everyone:  on occasion I’m a talker..talker when bored, talker when nervous (ask my first date), talker when tired (ohhhh yes), and when happy. but sad, well the words just disappear, so no surprise that the last year and half I haven’t written a single thing except quiet questions to God, BUT what came out of that year is amazing, AHHHHH-MAZINGGGGG.

more on that later but for now the joy a simple splash pad can bring


DSCF0089 DSCF0097 DSCF0065

there is just something awesome about a simple 30min date working out where there is tons of giggles, good food, and relaxing moments. it’s hearing Joslin narrate in song her “amaz’n day” while dancing in the water, it’s watching Madeline Rose follow her sisters every move with a smile or giggle and it’s feeling your husband take your hand and whisper “this is nice”…it’s the things that are real, the moments you reflect on as you age and I am loving it. thank you splash pad you are simple but that Saturday you were not.